How to Design an Email Template for each Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is a highly effective method of keeping in touch with your contacts. Whether your email list consists of potential prospects or existing clients, email is popular form of communication. 

But how do you make sure that your email gets opened? Create email templates that are catered to your audience. These email templates should have information that is of value to your recipient.  

Follow these key email marketing strategies to get your email opened every time!
Email template

Personalize the Message 

You want to make a good first and lasting impression. From the subject line of your email to the message itself, it should be personalized to the individual on the receiving end of this message. 

If you are sending the same message to an email list, insert custom tags that will pick up the first name of your contact. Make sure the first name custom tag is in the subject line and in the body of the message as well! When your contact sees their name in the subject line, they will be more inclined to open your email.

Email Templates

Create visually stunning email templates that makes your contacts WANT to open your email every time. 

If you have segmented your contacts into lists, create a unique email template for each list! Each list has a different audience and your email templates should reflect that. 

Structure your email template to have catchy headings, useful content, images, videos and a call to action. All of these elements should add value to your message. 

Responsive Email Design

You want to make sure that the email template that you are using is mobile friendly. Your emails should be optimized to be viewed as perfectly on a phone as they would on a desktop. 
Add alt text to your images. Alt text is “alternative text.” If an image in your email doesn’t load or display, recipients will be able to see the alt text. Ensure that these descriptions accurately reflect the image to catch your recipients attention. 

A strong email template needs to be personal, visually appealing, and mobile friendly. Get your emails opened by following these 3 key email marketing strategies. 

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